“Places We Go…” now available in Molotov Cocktail!

As I mentioned last week, my story The Places We Go Where Others May Not Follow placed fifth in the Phantom Flash contest presented by Molotov Cocktail!

You can read the story for free which is always awesome, and you can also find the full list of top ten stories right here, so check ’em out as well and give ’em a little love!

If you’ve got a story you’d love to see on their site, you can submit that today!  They take rolling submissions throughout the year and also run themed contests on a semi-quarterly basis (by my rough estimation.)  Be sure to follow them on twitter so you’ll know when the next one is announced.

I also wrote about Molotov Cocktail on Publisher’s Spotlight about two years back in case you have a special fondness for bullet point submission guidelines.  Usual rules still apply: I don’t edit the Spotlights for updates so be sure you read their guidelines in full.  (And uh, upon re-reading those, warning for language?  I don’t think I’ve ever had to issue a content warning for guidelines before, that’s exciting.)

Thanks for reading!

Publishing Update

Hi all!  The holidays – and aftermath – really did a number on me this year, so I’m taking a break from sharing my thoughts on writing technique and spotlights to share with you some publishing updates and exciting news of what’s to come!

Birds of a Feather is out NOW in the Bubble Off-Plumb Anthology

This one hit in the middle of the holiday craziness, so I missed getting a chance to post about it until now.  One of my shorts, Birds of a Feather, is included in the Bubble Off-Plumb anthology currently on sale through Amazon.com.  This story is a personal favorite of mine, a ridiculously fun little piece about an odd-couple living situation featuring an elderly woman and a penguin.

Googling surreal images is a great writing prompt exercise, by the way.

The whole book is like that, so if you’re looking for the odd and unexpected collection of short stories, you should absolutely get yourself a copy.

The Places We Go Where Others May Not Follow takes 5th in Phantom Flash

I’m still fantastically excited about this one, even more so than yesterday when I heard the news!  I’ve been trying to breaking Molotov Cocktail for awhile, and it didn’t seem real until I sat down to write this post.

For those of you who haven’t been following my nonsense on twitter (for shame, go do that), yesterday Molotov Cocktail announced the winners for their Phantom Flash contest and my entry, The Places We Go Where Others May Not Follow placed at #5!  Check back next week where I’ll link to the story so you can enjoy it along with the other fabulous tales that made it in!

If you want to get in on some of that for the next contest, go check them out!  I wrote about Molotov Cocktail on Publisher’s Spotlight about two years back; they take rolling submissions throughout the year (no payment, sorry) and run contests every couple or months or so with low entry fees and a shot at prize money for your efforts.  Keep in mind that their original Spotlight might have some out of date info in there, so check out their site directly for updated submission guidelines if you want in.

Other Publishing News

Also coming down the pipeline, I’ve got a horror short story due out sometime this month so expect a link when that drops, and I have an advance PDF copy of Welcome to Miskatonic University sitting in my inbox.  If you ordered a copy through the Kickstarter you should be seeing that in the mail sometime next month, according to the updated schedule.  I’ll be posting about that one as soon as I’ve got it in my hands.

Thank you all for your support and for checking out what I’ve got out there, I’m excited to share much more with you this year!

Publisher’s Spotlight: Deadline Round-Up

Have you been keeping track of all the publishing deadlines coming up this summer?  No?  Well, let’s see if I can make that a touch easier for you.  Below is a list of all the Publishers featured on our Publisher’s Spotlight with links to the original posts AND the deadlines for their current calls.

Also, here’s a link to all publishers with rolling submissions, meaning they do not have a deadline (but they might close for the holidays; check individual pages for details.)

Freeze Frame Fiction is currently CLOSED for submissions.

As always, don’t forget to check out their individual sites as it will have all updated info.

Happy Submitting!

Publisher’s Spotlight: Molotov Cocktail

Don’t you just love that name?  I was introduced to The Molotov Cocktail through my writing group.  Let’s take a look!

  • In their own words:The Molotov Cocktail is interested in volatile flash fiction, the kind of prose you cook up in a bathtub and handle with rubber gloves…We want your action, we want your rotten characters, we want viscera…It’s all about language and story.”
  • Genres they accept: “While genre pieces are permissible, anything that is reliant on genre convention over story will not be looked kindly upon.”  Avoid romance, children’s or young adult, & swords and sorcerers brand of fantasy.
  • Word count limit: 1,000 words  (Average length 300-600 words.)
  • Payment: None, unless it’s a themed contest, in which case: $200 for the winner, $100 for the runner up, $50 for the second runner-up.  (Entry fee required.)
  • Simultaneous Submissions*: Yes
  • Multiple Submissions**: No [EDIT: They *will* take multiple subs for the contests, but you have to pay for each entry.]
  • Schedule: Open, with contests periodically.  Submissions accepted through Submittable.  You can track their progress through that site.

While I’m usually all about payment for accepted works and raise an eyebrow at contest entry fees, I make the exception for these guys.  First off, the entry fee is relatively small ($6 or $7 depending on when you enter) and the payout is sweet.  Also, they publish the top 10 entries when the contest is over, so you still get bragging rights even if you miss the top slots.  (Or, in my case, miss the top 10.  I got a Close-but-no-cigar nod for my Flash Phenom piece and yes, I’m annoying enough to brag any time my name makes it onto a site.)

Their next contest is Flash Felon, which has an early-bird cut-off date of April 1st and a final deadline of April 30th, so there’s still plenty of time to submit!

*This means whether they will allow you to submit this story to another publisher at the same time or not.

**This means whether you can send them more than one story at at time.

Reminders when submitting:

Read the publication:  Flash is short and their stories are freely accessible on the site.  You have no excuse not to do your research and see what kind of style gets their attention.  It will also give you an idea of what’s been done before so you don’t end up sending them something too similar to a recently published story.

Read the guidelines: I don’t post everything required for their submissions, just the basics.  Furthermore, this is a static post.  Publishers change their submission requirements at will so it’s always a good idea to read and re-read them, even if you’ve submitted to them before.

Follow the rules: Do I really need to say this?  Don’t send pieces over the word count.  Don’t send content they specifically warn against.  Don’t send weirdly formatted manuscripts if they give you specific instructions.  “But Liz, I–” Nope!  No, no, no.  If you do not follow the rules you risk being a pariah to that magazine – and worse, editors can exchange notes on who’s being a pain.

Happy submitting!