“Quality Protection Guaranteed” now available in HAVOK!

I’m so excited to announce that my short story Quality Protection Guaranteed(TM) took first place in HAVOK’s Rampage! Monsters vs. Robots contest issue!  This is the second of my stories to make it into HAVOK, but the first placing in one of their contests.  More details on the issue below!

Monsters vs Robots
God I love this genre.

Do you love giant monsters battling insanely oversized, impractical battle mechs?  Of course you do.  And why wouldn’t you?  From Pacific Rim to Voltron, Power Rangers, Evangelion and Godzilla this genre kicks some giant ass.

You can get your hands on a copy by clicking here to order print copies or getting the Kindle edition through Amazon.com.  Have Kindle Unlimited?  Download it for free!

Speaking of free, did you know that you can get a FREE digital subscription to Splickety’s flash fiction magazines just by joining their mailing list?  Click that link to check it out and never miss an upcoming issue!

If you’re eager to see your own fiction in print you can check out their Upcoming Themes and Deadlines page – there’s a Halloween issue coming up and the deadline is July 27.  Want to know more about the other Splickety imprints?  They were featured in this Publisher’s Spotlight post.  Be sure to check the updated guidelines in case any details have changed.

Thanks for checking it out and happy reading!

Welcome to 2017

I’ve never been one for New Year’s Resolutions.  I feel like January is this tumultuous time when everyone has unreasonable expectations about how much change they’re capable of superimposing onto their lives.  In February it’s best to sit back, take note of what you were able to accomplish and revise those goals so you might actually have a prayer of achieving some real change.

So, with that said… Whew.

Bit of a rough start, don’t you think?

Well.  Never mind all that.  Best to write it off as a free trial month and move on.

I’ve got some big things in store for this year.  Posts will be a little less frequent but hopefully a little more regular.  Last year’s schedule was a bit too tough to keep up and it led to an extended hiatus that I’d rather not repeat.  So, with that “revised expectations” theme in mind, let’s just take it slow with one post a week and see how we feel after that, how’s that sound?

Tune in next Wednesday for the premiere of a new series of short flash entitled: Miss Margaret Moneypenny’s Etiquette Guide to the Apocalypse.

I’ll see you then.

Liebster Award

So, let me get Question #11 out of the way by saying nope, I hadn’t heard of this before.  But I’m also new to blogging, so no surprise there.  A quick run-down for the uninitiated: a blogger is nominated by another blogger.  You link back to your nominator and answer a set of questions.  Then you pass it on to five more bloggers and continue the chain.

So, why not?  Let’s keep this chain going!

Thanks to Dawn Claflin for nominating me and asking the following questions.  I met her through a mutual blogging/author friend.  You should check her out!

Dawn’s Eleven Questions

1.) How did you choose the topic of your blog?

Do I have a topic?  I guess so.  In all honestly I started this as home to link back to for marketing reasons and to get my micros a little love.  Who wants to invest in someone if they don’t know what/how they write?  Micros are fun to write and fast to read, so they were what I wanted to include first and foremost.  The other stuff I’m totally pants-ing.

2.) Who are your favorite authors?

Neil Gaiman, first and foremost.  I love that he can write comics and kid’s books and novels and isn’t pigeon-holed into one genre.  I also read a lot of YA, because action-packed fantastical worlds are my favorite things to read and write.  Louis Sachar holds a special place in my heart, as does Douglas Adams; I love comedy.

3.) What is one piece of advice for new authors?

Finish what you start.  (Okay, maybe this is just for me.)  Seriously, though, the hardest part for most folks is just getting it down on paper.

4.) What kinds of things do you like to write?

Fantasy.  Comedy.  Whatever strikes my fancy (or that the NYC Midnight Gods decree for their contest.)  I’ve always had an overactive imagination, so everything I write has to be able to keep me entertained.

5.) What does your writing schedule look like?

Oh, man.  So, like most writers I have a day job, so a lot of writing gets done in the evening after work, or on the weekends or on my lunch break when I really should be answering e-mails instead of goofing off.  I write a lot more when there’s a deadline looming (why, hello, Flash Felon!) and I also scribble notes at red lights when I’m in the car.  Don’t do that.  I wish I didn’t get ideas when I drive but there you are.

6.) Where has your writing been published?

Daily Science Fiction, officially.  I’m occasionally in the running over at Ad Hoc, but it’s blind so you can’t vote for me specifically.  Looking to add more to this list later this year.

7.) Why do you write?

I can’t not.  It’s an itch in my brain I can’t turn off.  I have been telling stories since I first was able to form words, no lie.

8.) How do you deal with writer’s block?

I can start a billion stories in the blink of an eye, it’s finishing them that gets me.  The best way to get over “what’s next?” is for me to pick an ending – even if it’s crap – and write it out.  Then once I can see where I’m going the middle is easier to fill in.

9.) What’s your writing process?

If I didn’t have a deadline nothing would get done.  Usually I’ll get an idea for a neat “first line” or a snippet of dialogue and I’ll write around that.  I’m terrible at finishing stories, even if I have a rough idea of where it’s going (see above.)  Deadlines are my friend.  It’s easier for me to write to a prompt with a deadline, otherwise half-written stories lay in waste until I find a reason to dust them off and finish what I started.  Beta readers are awesome.  They help me edit my work into shape while still making sense.  I find myself cutting important stuff to fit a word count and forgetting that I haven’t explained such-as-such.

10.) Do you draft on paper or on a computer? Why?

Both.  I get bursts of inspiration when my computer is unavailable (or takes too long to boot) and I’ll scribble notes all over the place.  It’s also easier to brainstorm on paper.  I have occasionally written entire drafts/chapters on paper.  I’m a fast typer, so I’ll edit as I transcribe my notes.  Computer’s the way to go for final editing.  I have at least 3 files of notes or scenes that get scraped or added back in depending on where I’m going with the story and how many words I have left.  Also, because I write scenes instead of start-to-finish I can move around passages of text to make it flow easier.

11.) Tell the truth…had you heard of the Liebster Award before?

No, but I’ve only been blogging for a month, so I’m not fully initiated.

Phew!  That’s a lot of questions!  Let’s recap the rules:

  1. If you are nominated, include a link back to your nominator’s site. (Check)
  2. Answer the questions your nominator asks of you. (Check)
  3. Nominate five or more other bloggers who have 1000 or less followers.
  4. Ask them ten* questions of your own.

*Because it’s either 10 or 11 I’m going with 10 because I like round numbers.

So!  I’m tagging the following folks:

I realize I need to tag more but I’ve only been at this a month and haven’t read too many blogs on here.  The others I could tag have over 1,000 followers, so you get three.

And here are my questions:

  1. How long have you been writing?
  2. What’s the worst/most embarrassing feedback you’ve gotten from a submission?
  3. What book or short story do you wish you had written?
  4. Would you rather be ridiculously famous, but have written something critics have panned (like Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey) or write something brilliant, only to have no one ever read it?
  5. What would you need to accomplish in order for you to consider your writing goals fulfilled?
  6. What is your go-to writing snack food?
  7. Austin or Bronte(s)?
  8. Which question are we on?
  9. Where do you draw inspiration from?
  10. What question did you wish I had asked and what is your answer?

Thanks for the indulgence!


…is this thing on?

Oh, good!  Hello!

So, after much deliberation, I decided it was finally time to set up a cozy little corner of the internet for me and my fiction.  Twitter’s been my only online presence for some time and while I enjoy it, it was less of a home and more like squatting at a bus station terminal.

So here I am!  Welcome!

I’ve got some great things planned for the month of March!  Kicking off next week will be Micro Fiction Monday.  I’ll be posting a new story under 300 words each week so please check back for the latest bites.

Also, I plan to post new blog entries every Wednesday.  They could be anything from tips on writing, to interviews, to updates on my own works.  We’ll see how it goes.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.  Got a suggestion for things you’d like to see in the future?  Leave it in the comments!  And as always, thanks for reading!