Bonus Story! =D

Oh dear readers, today you are in for a treat!  I’ve decided to post one of my stories from the Archives for you here on this fabulous Friday morning.  Be dazzled at my writerly* skill! Enjoy!

*In case you’re wondering why you feel like the internet is “punking” you today, it’s April Fool’s Day.  And rather than trying to modify my whole website, the story I posted is from the eighth grade.  No, this is not me trying write badly, this is me actually writing badly because I was 13.  (Yes, I kept the spelling mistakes and formatting errors, and yes it killed me to see René’s name spelled with and without the accent interchangeably.)

I’ve decided to share it with you because I am nothing if not self-deprecating.  That and everyone can enjoy feeling a little foolish now and again.  Happy April Fool’s!

EDIT: Now that April Fool’s is over I’ve put the disclaimer up top.  Feel free to read the story anyway, and relive the foolishness that was my middle school writing career.

A Superstitious Suspicion

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