A (Year) in the Life

NYC’s Flash Fiction competition is coming up next month, which marks my one-year anniversary of renewed writing.  I’ve talked about the competition before, but what do I mean when I say that it got me going again?  What was I doing before?

Let’s break it down into some hard numbers:

Calendar Year 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016*
Total Submission Count 9 16 8 6 25
Increase/Decrease over last year 78% -50% -25% 317%
Total Unique Pieces Submitted 3 7 3 5 14
New Pieces in Circulation 3 4 1 1 10
% of Subs that are New 100% 57% 33% 20% 71%
Pieces Written for NYC 2 3

*through May, 2016

It’s safe to say that not only are my numbers up, but they’re better than they ever have been.  My 2016 (through May, mind you) is better than my last two years combined in terms of productivity.

I kept my NYC submissions listed separately, since they were written for the contest, not for publication.  Two of the pieces I wrote for them I revised and became part of my “New Pieces in Circulation” for 2016 once I submitted them to publishers outside of the competition.

And that’s just quantity.  In terms of quality, let’s look at this list:

Calendar Year 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016*
Total Acceptances 1 1
Contest nods 3
Rewrite Requests 2
“Please Send More” 1 4 3 7
Personal rejections 2 4 2 4

This one takes a little more explaining.  Contest nods are anything that placed (or came close to placing) in a contest, so the two rounds of the NYC Short Story Contest that placed me into the next round were counted, as was my piece for Molotov Cocktail’s Flash Phenom.

Rewrite requests aren’t acceptances, but they are pieces that are under consideration that I’m working on revising.  Hopefully these will one day become acceptances.

So then what’s that lone little acceptance for 2016?  Well, it isn’t out yet, but stay tuned next month when I let you know where to find my latest story!

So, what can you learn from this?  Am I just bragging? (Well, ok, maybe a little.)  But the point is, it’s so important to practice your craft.  Start more projects.  Finish what you start.  Submit, submit, submit.  One number goes up, they all go up.

And don’t ever let a bad week, or bad month, or bad year get you down.


2 thoughts on “A (Year) in the Life

  1. Are you joining the NYC flash fiction challenge this time around? I’ve thought about it a few times – and for just the reasons you allude to in your post. May just do it this time! And good for you – it’s really important to acknowledge and measure progress in something that can be very difficult to concretize. Congrats on the acceptance and the rewrite requests! 🙂


  2. I am! I went back and forth but I decided that I really wanted to enter the Flash Fiction again this year, though I may not have the funds to do both Flash and Short Story. I hope to see you on the forums if you participate – it’s a great experience to be a part of.


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