#MFM Winner: Gerry Kennedy

Congratulations to Gerry Kennedy, winner of our final #MicroFictionMonday contest!  I hope you enjoyed reading this month’s winners as much as I did!  Things should be going back to normal around here for a little while, but without further ado I present the winning entry!

Dinosaur Jr.

The teenage reptoid stands preening himself at the mirror, tugging his baseball cap lower over his brow, a toothy carnivorous grin split across his face. He looks good enough to eat, even if he says so himself.  Yup, this will look near enough human in the night of downtown.

He hopes to sneak out unseen, but millions of years of predatory instinct hardwired into large hunting eyes means no movement goes unnoticed.

Father: “Hey, where you heading son?”

Son: “Overground, I gotta date.”

Father: “That’s my boy.”

Mother: “So who is this lucky young reptoid? Do we know her?”

Son: “No, she’s a… um… a human.”

Mother and Father roar “A HUUUMAN?!!!”

Father:  “Are you crazy son? We eat humans, we don’t date them. Jeez, today’s kids!”

Mother: “And how would you know a human?”

Son: “Social Media.”

“Damned computers,” Father growls.

Son: “Sure, we’re always on the web. She says her parents are so old-fashioned they are practically dinosaurs, so we have a lot in common.”

Father growls louder.

Mother: “And, um, does this human have a name?”

Son: “She’s called Katie.”

“K/T?” Father explodes. “K/T? Are you trying to give me a heart attack son – is that what you’re trying to do to your old man huh? Next you’ll be telling me her surname is ‘Extinction’.”

Mother: “Son, you know how father feels about the ‘E’ word.”

Son: “I didn’t say ‘Extinction’ – he did!”

Father howls longer, louder and harder.

Mother: “Best you go now and I’II try and calm Father. If your date doesn’t work out tonight you can always bring her back here and we can have her for supper tomorrow evening; Father would like that.”

Son ascends towards street-level shuddering with indignity; Katie is right he thought, parents today are just sooooo prehistoric.

About the Author:

Gerry Kennedy lives in London, still hopefully seeking out the upsides within the downsides of life. Follow Gerry on Twitter: @GerryKennedy10



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