#MFM Contest Winner: Rory Hinshelwood!

Congratulations to Rory Hinshelwood, winner of last week’s #MicroFictionMonday contest!  There were lots of great entries to choose from for the “It’s About Time” theme but alas, there can be only one winner.  Please enjoy his entry below, and don’t forget to try your hand at the last theme of them month, due Friday!



I have this little ring with me. It’s a man ring, like a signet. Not that women can’t wear them, it’s just that this one has only been worn by men. It’s gold but could do with a shine. And there’s a wreath on it. It had been engraved delicately but ever since it’d been nicked and scratched. It was my great grandfather’s originally. His father, my great great grandfather, bought it for him on his 21st birthday. Like me on my 21st birthday I’m sure he was dazzled by it. Gold, it is made of pure gold. Just think of it! A piece of gold on your little finger. People used to sieve rivers for hours on end just to get gold like this.

This piece of gold had been to the Great War and back. My father told me that the glint of the shiny gold and almost killed my great grandfather. He’d been crawling in the mud across no mans land on a bright day. The enemy must have seen the reflection because the next thing he knew there was a bullet in his leg.  So it’s tradition to always keep it dull.

Now me. What shall I have done with it? Something I can tell my son about I hope. Something great. That’s right I’ll have to do something great. Something worth hearing.

About the Author:

Rory is 18 years old from London and always had a knack at writing since he started one lonely holiday. Recently shortlisted in the Wilbur and Niso Smith Foundation Author of Tomorrow award. Currently still at school and will spend his entire gap year in South America next year.  Follow him on Twitter @Roryhinshelwood.

Want to see your work published here?  Don’t forget to enter this week’s contest!

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