#MFM Contest: …with Dinosaurs


Prompt: …with Dinosaurs

Originally this prompt was going to be “Steampunk Dinosaurs” but I couldn’t find a picture I liked.  So let’s explain what we’re looking for here: no matter what you send, there must be dinosaurs.  Why?  Because dinosaurs are awesome.  Genre bending/mixing is encouraged.  Humor is highly encouraged.  Send me something outrageous.  Give me T-Rexes in F-14s.  Give me steampunk pterodactyls ferrying people around in the 19th century.  Give me stegosaurus heavy artillery during the Civil War.  That scene where Wash plays with dinosaur toys on Firefly is good.  The scene where Doctor Who rides a triceratops around a spaceship is better.  I don’t care, just so long as it’s “…with Dinosaurs.”

P.S. – If you send me a highly emotional tale of a grieving mother mulling over her son’s toy dinosaurs after his funeral I’m sure it will be beautiful, but you’re absolutely missing the point.


Word limit: 300.

Schedule: Submissions accepted from 9:00am (EST) on Monday, through 5:00pm (EST) on Friday of any given week. The winning entry will be posted the following Tuesday.

Prize: Winners will receive publication on this blog and a bio that links back to the site(s) of their choosing.  This contest is non-paying.

Specifics: Please put MFM-Submission-[This week’s PROMPT]-[Your TITLE] in your subject line.  For example: MFM-Submission-Self Portraits-Me, Myself & I

Attach your entry as a .doc file or .docx  DO NOT include your name anywhere on your submission or file name as all entries will be read blind.  DO NOT send more than one entry per week.  No explicit or graphic content please.

Please do include a brief cover letter with a short bio written as you would like it to appear on the site.  Do include links to your blog, twitter, or however else you would like to promote yourself.

Send your submissions to: LizSchriftsteller (at) gmail (dot) com.

Feel free to post any questions in the comments below.

Happy submitting!


2 thoughts on “#MFM Contest: …with Dinosaurs

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