#MFM Winner: Amy Francisconi!

Apologies for the late posting, I had some technical difficulties last week in that I did not have a computer and everything was postponed a bit… So with no further delays, here is the winner of the Faces on the Train contest!

Congratulations to Amy Francisconi, winner of last week’s #MicroFictionMonday contest!  Please enjoy her winning entry below!


The Good Son

My brother and I sit back to back on the train. We don’t speak now – we said more than enough back on the platform. Turned heads and invited stares when our voices rose. Now we sway in silence, the good son and the other, on our way to say goodbye to our mother.

I’ll continue to live in the brownstone we grew up in. Phil will fuck off and do his own thing. He’ll visit Ma’s grave a couple times to leave flowers before it becomes too inconvenient to make the trip. It will fall on me to tend hers the way I’ve looked after Pop’s since he passed. And what’s the difference, after all? It’s just as easy to tend two as it is one, side by side as they’ll be.

Phil and I were close, years ago. There was a time when the three years between us were nothing. We played like friends just as often as we fought like brothers. We’d been a team.

Somehow, together, we convinced Pop to let us have a dog. Not a puppy – Pop wanted to give a shelter dog a chance.

Jenny loved us all, but she took a shine to me. She slept between our twin beds, right below mine so I could reach out and stroke her when she whined in her sleep. Phil began to protest when I wanted to bring Jenny along to the park or to play ball. No longer novel, she was inconvenient. He forgot to feed and walk her. And then he made new friends and we grew apart.

“Remember Jenny?” I ask. My throat is tight. For a moment I think he didn’t hear me over the noise of the train. Then he answers.

“Jenny who?”

About the Author:

Amy lives in Delaware with her husband, one elderly, cantankerous cat and two young, enthusiastic pups. Books have always been her favorite form of travel. After a long hiatus from writing, Amy has pulled out her word crafting tools once again. She hopes to create places and construct adventures for others to enjoy and give back to an art form she adores.


10 thoughts on “#MFM Winner: Amy Francisconi!

  1. Greg Buckley

    I’ve known Amy and her husband Tom for more than twenty years as we were once neighbors, (still very good friends) raising our kids, engaging socially and simply having fun getting “matured”. I’ve always appreciated Amy’s creative talents from design, sketch art, calligraphy skills and of course her ability to pen stories. Glad you chose her short story as a feature. And Amy, Patty and I are proud to see get your due.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Greg, it feels like yesterday we were raising our children together. Now they’re getting married and preparing to raise children of their own. Time sure flies when you’re having fun!
      Thanks so much for stopping in to comment and show support. That means the world! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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    1. I wanted to leave that open for interpretation, @integratedexpat. Is Phil the older, more businesslike of the two? Is he superficial and materialistic? Or is Phil the younger? Irresponsible and self-absorbed? It’s interesting because I know both types – those who fit the ‘stereotype’ and those who break it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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