#MFM Self-Portraits Winner: Jennie Brass!

Congratulations to Jennie Brass, winner of last week’s #MicroFictionMonday contest!  Please enjoy her winning entry below, and check out the links to her sites for more of her fantastic writings!


From birth, music flowed through me. The cadence of this world ebbed and surged like a branched river demanding to be explored. I became but a leaf carried on the tiny white crests of a call that developed into an insatiable wanderlust.

Some call me a drifter, a dreamer. I would hardly argue. The music is a blessing and a bane driving me to explore every nuance within reality.

Each place, each living being possesses a unique part in the world’s symphony, and I am privy to it all. Raw beauty shimmered in the sunlit day in stark contrast to the turbulent danger that lurked below the surface on moonless nights.

Yet, little was ever as it seemed.

How can so many not see that even the breathy pan pipe can push the feet into flight? Even the savage war drum can mimic a mother’s heat-beat to sooth her young.

We are, all of us, complex.

None truly good. None truly wicked.

Each capable of a score of music to aid, or to harm, others.

This world has taught me how a single voice becomes powerless with a shout, while it is the whisper that holds the sufficient strength to turn the heart.


About the Author

Jennie Brass was born with an appetite to create. From an early age she drew picture stories and made up entire worlds for these innumerable creatures. Some have managed to survive the ravages of growing up and their lives are being diligently cataloged in an epic journey some call being an author. You can follow her exploits through her blog, Journeys Through a Brass Quill or follow her on Facebook, the Brass Quill.


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