Publisher’s Spotlight: Ad Hoc Fiction

How quickly can you tell your story?  If you’ve been following my Micro Fiction posts on Monday, you’ll notice a lot of them are under 150 words.  That’s because I regularly submit to the Ad Hoc challenge of the week and end up posting the stories here if they don’t win.  What is Ad Hoc?  Well…

  • In their own words: “Ad Hoc Fiction is a weekly free to enter flash/micro fiction competition run by Bath Flash Fiction Award… Our project aims to be a fun way to promote the reading and writing of very short fiction. The competition is a winner takes all deal. You write and submit, we longlist and publish, then the public reads and votes.”
  • Genres they accept: Any.
  • Word count limit: 150 words max.
  • Payment: “Winning Ad Hoc Fiction will earn you a free entry to Bath Flash, giving you a shot at winning a 300 word piece to win a £1000 first prize.”
  • Schedule: Open weekly, with contests closing every Wednesday.  Each contest has a prompt word that MUST be included with your entry.

This is more of a fun exercise than anything.  It’s a great writing warm up to practice writing these short pieces and it’s fun to read through them all at the end of the week.  You can even vote on which one you like the best – all entries are anonymous so you can be sure that they’re being judged blindly.

Happy submitting!


3 thoughts on “Publisher’s Spotlight: Ad Hoc Fiction

  1. I’ve been doing this for the past few weeks as well, Liz, and as you say, it’s a great exercise. I’ve discovered it’s much harder to be brief than to elaborate. What I like is that it triggers ideas to develop at a later date. And I really admire the skill of the writers who manage to capture so much with so few words. Fun trying, though, isn’t it?


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