Heaven in Nelle’s Sighs

It was on the solstice that I first brought Nelle to see the moonlight. I snuck into the heat mines at day’s end and met her where the commuter’s tube split off towards her living quarters. With my passkey we rode the lift up past Center City and into the observation towers high above the nuclear fallout.

At dome’s crest the night sky shone onto Nelle’s face, so pale it freckled in the moonlight. I could see the stars reflected in her copper colored hair when she smiled at me.

It was then that I kissed her. For a moment there was nothing else, no ruined world below nor grand sights above. I tasted bliss incarnate on my tongue, more real than either of them. I knew from then on there could be no heaven for me now but on her sweet lips – we had plucked it from the sky.


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